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Lisa Regan "Finding Claire Fletcher" Crime Thriller {3 out of 5 sex rating}
E-Book available for Review
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Down on his luck, Detective Connor Parks takes solace in the arms of a woman he meets at a local bar, but in the morning, Claire Fletcher is gone, leaving behind clues to a decade-old mystery—her own abduction. Perplexed and driven by an unsettling need to see Claire again, Connor must solve the mystery of her disappearance and find her once and for all.

Nancy S. Thompson "The Mistaken" Romantic Suspense/Thriller {2 out of 5 sex rating}
E-Book available for Review
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Tyler Karras is an honest man, a transplanted Brit living the American dream, but his charmed life takes an unexpected turn when his brother, Nick, is coerced into joining ranks with San Francisco’s Russian mafia.  Ty intervenes to secure Nick’s freedom, yet only succeeds in incurring their wrath.  With no choice but to accept Nick’s new life, Ty returns to his own, but his dreams are dashed when his wife—pregnant with their first child—is killed, the victim of a reckless crime.

Despondent and bitter, Ty macerates his grief in alcohol.  From the depths of the bottle screams a voice, howling for vengeance.  His target is a stranger, the woman who drew his wife toward her death.  He doesn't know her, but he’ll find her, and when he does, he will make her pay, for a deal has been struck with Nick’s Russian associates, enslaving her into a life of bondage.  But as Ty moves forward in a cloud of alcohol, he mistakes the wrong woman for his intended victim and now all his
plans have gone straight to hell.

With his eyes made clear by the stark reality of his mistake, Ty is driven, compelled by remorse and a relentless sense of guilt to make amends and protect Hannah Maguire, the innocent woman whose life he has derailed.  He vows to keep her safe and out of the Russians’ hands, but they’re holding Nick as leverage to force Ty to complete their deal and turn over the girl.  Once again, he must fight to free his
brother, miring all three lives in further jeopardy.  But Ty can’t do it all:  Save the girl, his brother and his own soul.  One of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Jonathan D Allen “Room 3” {Dark Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Horror}
(No Sex scenes)  Review copies are E-Book
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Torn away from everyday life and held prisoner in a tiny cabin, Kelli Foster must harden herself to survive torture and isolation. When Carla is introduced to Kelli’s small world, the experiments they are forced to endure take a dark turn. Kelli is forced to choose: Save her own life, or free her new friend? Sacrifice her dreams or sacrifice her love? 

Following a failed escape attempt, Kelli, Carla, and Kelli’s lover Samarta work together to unravel the mystery behind the shadowy group that has kidnapped them all. Their path to freedom lies through mind-bending discoveries and globe-trotting adventures, culminating in a battle between godlike beings that hold Kelli’s fate in their hands.

Darrell Drake "Everautumn" Fantasy, Fantasy Romance
Sex about a 2 or 3    Review copy is E-Book
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Undeath meant only that they could wait forever.

Everautumn is a realm beyond common reality and common knowledge. Where retching volcanoes, unrelenting heat and ashen forests canopied with tufts of flame dominate scarcely hospitable terrain. A realm in the midst of conflict spanning millennia.

Almi and Merill have died. Their hearts no longer beat in the fashion they once did. Extirpated and deposited in the harsh, lava-sown world of Everautumn, they now survive as something seated between elf and undead. For six years they have endured, because they trust he will come.

Accompanied by Descarta, the artificial weaveress; Elissa, the once-forgotten daughter; and Hafstagg, the paunchy warrior, Virgil has been sailing in search of a way to keep his promise to revive the elven twins. And he will stop at nothing to do so.

Everautumn plans to challenge that.

Russell Hasan  “Rob Seablue And The Eye Of Tantalus”  
Teen urban fantasy  E-Book

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A magical curse has been unleashed and Connecticut teen Sorcerer Rob Seablue’s best friend has been seduced by evil magic. To save his best friend—and to save the world from his best friend—Rob will fight magical duels, decipher an ancient riddle, and help sad, depressed teenagers to be happy and self-confident so that the curse can’t destroy them. And he will wage a war against the evil magic all while seeing heavy metal rock shows, going on dates with his girlfriend, doing his homework, and
avoiding getting grounded by his father for staying out late! A unique novel at the cutting edge intersection of teen urban fantasy and libertarian/objectivist fiction, this novel can be described as “Atlas Shrugged” meets “Harry Potter.”

"What more could a libertarian novel reader want? . . . The book is ingenious throughout and most ingenious at its end -- ingenious, I might add, without losing plausibility. Actually, the story continually becomes more plausible, as well as more exciting."
 - Stephen Cox, Editor, Liberty Magazine

Gary Kassay “Murder by Prophecy” Crime Thriller/Police Procedural
E-Book is available for Review
What would you do if you had been falsely imprisoned and if while in prison your wife and your children had been brutally murdered?
Samuel Maxwell, the Prophet, decides to spend his time plotting out his plan for revenge against the greedy men responsible..
The Prophet stops at nothing to avenge the deaths. Will Inspector Duke Becker and his squad from
Special Investigations Homicide be able to stop the Prophet and the reasons behind the killings before more die?  

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Mommy Bloggers Blog Hop

From 10/25/12 to 11/23/2013
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Books, Books, and More Books: Giveaway and Book Review of Dead Hot

 I love unusual shifter combinations (I once read a book about a bunny shifter who had a prehistoric gene and her bunny was bigger than her grizzly husband with 2 foot long teeth).  In this book the shifter is a Chug (Chihuahua and Pug mix).  Talk about a funny looking dog… have you ever seen a chug, they are so ugly they are cute.  Anyway this Chug shifter has an unusual ethnic heritage as a human also.  And her life love is a Panther shifter/vampire mix.  Oh my.  That pretty much covers most of the genre of supernaturals in one couple.

            The story is a love story with a side mystery/suspense thrown in for fun.  The story is charming, amusing, and part of a great series yet can be read as a standalone.  However it is much more fun to read all the books and know things like BJ, vampire queen, used to faint at the sight of blood which made eating as a vampire difficult.  Or that Lovey is the first vampire to have children (yes actual children) and they are super gifted. 

            This book and series is a must read.  I give this book a 4 out of 5 clouds.

Books, Books, and More Books: Giveaway and Book Review of Dead Hot

The Avid Reader The Magick Of Books: Blog Tour: (Review + Interview) Vampyrnomicon By S...

I would like to welcome Scott M. Baker to The Avid Reader today. Thanks for stopping by Scott M. Baker. Please be sure and check out Scott M. Baker's novel Vampyrnomicon. Please be sure to check out my interview with Scott M. Baker and read my review of Vampyrnomicon.
The Avid Reader

Danasquare: Review~ Dead Hot by Lizzie T. Leaf + Giveaway

I am so confused as to how Lizzie packs so much plot into around and 80-90 page story truly confounds me. I am in love with her style of writing it is so humorous yet sexy and very action packed. I think it is crazy how each ebook has a connection to the others but is able to follow completely brand new main characters.
Danasquare: Review~ Dead Hot by Lizzie T. Leaf 

Virtual Book Tour - Review: Warrior Reborn by. Melissa Mayhue

I loved this story, and so can't wait for the next installment. Ms. Mayhue has woven a story that kept me captivated, and my eyes riveted on my kindle. The immediate, and all consuming passion between Chase & Christiana was very real and believable.

The story itself was fast paced, and action packed. Warrior Reborn kept me up well into the night, I refused to put it down until the conclusion. I really liked the secondary characters, and the evil stepbrother turned out to be more of a challenge then I originally thought. The ending kind of let me down, because it left me wanting more.

Virtual Book Tour - Review: Warrior Reborn by. Melissa Mayhue

My Cozie Corner: "Dead Embers" by T.G. Ayers {Review & Giveaway - E...

"Dead Embers" picks up right where Dead Radiance ended which I was happy about since I didn't want to miss anything. This is another one of T.G. Ayers books that you just can't put down until your finished. In "Dead Embers" relationships are developing nicely and emotions are flying about. Of course as T.G. loves to do, we have another cliffhanger ending.  Highly recommended for all supernatural, paranormal, thriller fans!

I give "Dead Embers" a 5 star rating.

My Cozie Corner: "Dead Embers" by T.G. Ayers 

The story of a girl...: Blog Tour: Forbidden Life

Kimberly has an art of capturing you in the story pulling you through the intense series and then closing all the questions. There is no room for second guesses or maybes. Every question is answered and every I is dotted. 

But don't think that sells the book short. You still have to follow the heart racing breath holding story line of adventure, romance, love, hate, desire, strength, and even humor. To twin all these emotions into a can't put you down story is a gift. And Kimberly has mastered that gift. 

I highly recommend you own the complete Forbidden Series and display it proudly on your bookcase. IT is a story you won't mind reading over a half dozen times.

The story of a girl...: Blog Tour: Forbidden Life

Michelle's Paranormal Vault Of Books: Book Tour ~ Forbidden Life by Kimberly Kinrade ~ G...

Welcome to my stop on The Forbidden Life book tour. Brought to you by Innovative Online Tours. Here you

can read a synopsis of the book, my review, Guest Post and First Chapter, and a Giveaway! I also have a bio of author Kimberly Kinrade. Don’t forget to visit the other blogs on this tour for more information and other reviews about this book and author

Michelle's Paranormal Vault Of Books: Book Tour ~ Forbidden Life by Kimberly Kinrade ~

All Things Writing: Holding on to Childhood Writings---Angela Scott

Today I'm delighted to have Angela Scott as a guest blogger at All Things Writing. She is currently touring with her book, Desert Rice, and we are lucky to be one of her stops. Please check out her book info!--- Mary Ann
All Things Writing: Holding on to Childhood Writings---Angela Scott:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TBR: My Review of Dead Embers by T.G. Ayer

I love it when the second book picks up right where the first left off!  This book was packed full of action and emotion.  I felt like I was on a roller coaster of fun.

When you read the book make sure to check for a preview of the third book at the end……Due to a huge cliffhanger in the second book it will help ease your mind while you wait for the third book to release.

The only thing I wanted in the second book that didn't happen to the extent that I imagined it was the interaction between Bryn and Thor.  It just felt like there might be something there and yet……

I really like this series and cannot wait for the third book.

TBR: My Review of Dead Embers by T.G. Ayer

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vickieann's Kindle fever: A Review of Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue

Take one half fae from present day and throw him back in time to the 12th century in Scotland wearing nothing but boxers, add a beautiful girl held captive by her evil half brother who can foresee the future, and a pinch of a strange new best friend who is “MORE”  and you have a Melissa Mayhue hit.

Oh, did I mention Christiana cannot tell a lie?  I thought she was extremely creative in the way she did not tell her evil brother the truth without lying. The dialog is brilliant.

While the 2 main characters Chase (the guy in boxers) and Christiana are wonderful, I fell in Love with secondary character Halldor.  This is another nod to Ms Mayhue’s writing prowess that she can write the secondary characters so well defined and well developed without allowing them taking over the story.

I loved this newest addition to my Melissa Mayhue library and you will enjoy it as well!

Vickieann's Kindle fever: A Review of Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue

Nomis Paranormal Palace: Tour/Review/Giveaway - Dead Embers by T.G. Ayer

Dead Embers takes off from the very minute that Dead Radiance finished, so I was happy that I didn’t miss a thing. Dead Embers has a lot more action than the first book, and as you all know, I am an action junkie, so I couldn’t help but keep turning the pages to see what was going to happen next!! T.G. Ayer was able to keep the story rolling perfectly, kept me intrigued and left me wanting more!!

Everything seems to be happening for a reason, and a few of my unanswered questions from DR fall into place, but a whole lot more open up. It all seems to be leading to Ragnarok, the war that has been prophesied for centuries. And Bryn is a big key in the game. I love the buildup of this story, there is going to be a massive showdown ahead and I can’t wait!!

Nomis Paranormal Palace: Tour/Review/Giveaway - Dead Embers by T.G. Ayer

Andi's Young Adult Books: 'Forbidden Life' Book Review

This book is also action-packed, with some great fantasy thrown in. Without giving away the story, there is an island on which some of them find themselves. I can picture it just as vividly in my mind as if I were watching the book play out on the screen. Elements of fantasy with changed characters and new creatures add to its mystique. 
Andi's Young Adult Books: 'Forbidden Life' Book Review

A Night's Dream of Books: INNOVATIVE ONLINE BOOK TOURS: Review/Giveaway - Th...

This author has certainly exceeded my expectations.  I simply could not put this book down.  I realize that this is the type of comment frequently made about fiction books, but it certainly applies to well-written nonfiction books, as well.  This particular book is definitely not boring or 'preachy' in any way.  Instead, it engages the reader at every level -- intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.  Those who, like me, enjoy reading such stimulating books, will be amply rewarded. 
A Night's Dream of Books

Forward Passes Review Blitz today

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Danasquare: Review~ Vampire Hunters by Scott M. Baker

I loved The Vampire Hunters. I am a big fan of anything and everything vampire so I tend to have pretty high expectations when it comes to something that is vampire related! The Vampire Hunters definitely lived up to that! I enjoyed that.  This book is in the third person so you get a feel for both a female and male narrator, which was really exciting. I also liked that this book had vampires that were truly evil which is a nice difference from what is mainly overpowering the market! 

If you are a big fan of Vampires I hope you give The Vampire Hunters a try and the sequel which I will be reviewing soon!

Danasquare: Review~ Vampire Hunters by Scott M. Baker

TBR: Melissa Mayhue's Warrior Reborn Review

Melissa Mayhue is one of my favorite authors. I adore her Daughters of the Glen Series and this new Warriors series is an offshoot of that with some of our favorite characters flowing over.

Chase Noble is one of our Hero’s, I say one because one of my new favorite characters is Halldor.  Chase is half fae and he awaits his promised fate and soul mate   Halldor who first appears in Warriors Last Gift becomes Chases best friend and helps him achieve his goal. I won’t say more about Halldor because you simply need to read the 2 books for yourself to understand why he is my new Book crush.
Melissa has woven another enchanting story with fascinating Characters and such wonderful description I felt I was there experiencing the story as it unfolds.
Once again I find myself in that agonizing position of an author not being able to write the next book fast enough.  Here’s to you Melissa Mayhue, you have done it again.

TBR: Melissa Mayhue's Warrior Reborn Review

Identity Discovery: Friday (Non)Fiction: A Bridge to Treachery Guest P...

My List of Top 10 Movies by Larry Crane author of "A Bridge to Treachery"
Identity Discovery: Friday (Non)Fiction: A Bridge to Treachery 

Review: The Vampire Hunters – Scott M. Baker

This was one of those books that you just can’t put down. Fast paced and full of action, the story hooks you in from the moment you flip the first page. Granted, there’s a lot of violence within its pages, but it’s definitely a story that keeps you engaged. This isn’t your ordinary vampire story, mind you. Each twist and turn will keep you captivated until the very end. It’s a book that’s very much worth reading.
Review: The Vampire Hunters – Scott M. Baker

Tea and Book: The Vampire Hunters, A Review

The problem with this book, besides the fact that it is fast paced, well written with little bits of humor stuck within it's pages, is the fact that it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. I was afraid to turn the next page and more afraid not to. It kept me up at nights and worse made me, an avowed Vampire and Horror hater, want to purchase the next books. Ok, not want NEED to purchase them. It was that good! 

Do I recommend this book? Yeah, I really do.. will I read another of Scott's books yes, I really have to.. My poor mind will never be the same.. But as I said before I am in love with the way Scott Baker's brain works.. ok, so it scares me just a little but what a gift!

Tea and Book: The Vampire Hunters, A Review

Review and Giveaway: Desert Rice by Angela Rice

The author has created a tightly written drama, while the characters of Samantha and Jacob are young, and this is easily and readily tossed into  the ‘coming of age’ pile because of that; they are not just children or teens – they are thrust into situations that would cause many adults to crumble.  And yet – their love for each other, the protectiveness and support that can be found only in brother and sister relationships is the glue that holds the story together.  Crafted with a conclusion that is succinct and unexpected, yet leaving an opening for further explanation this is a book that will stay on your mind for days after completion.  A very good thing.
 I am, Indeed    Review and Giveaway 

Spotlight on The Erroneous Talibani

Window on the World   Review & Interview 
Sharing Links and Wisdom  Interview 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Cover (and Everything in Between...): Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue Blog Tour Intervi...

Read the interview
The Cover  Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue Blog Tour 

Melissa Mayhue Makes Me Squee!

I freakin' LOVED it. 

From start to finish the novel takes you on a rollicking time travel ride, one which Ms Mayhue has perfected with her previous Daughters of the Glen series. (Go order her back list: you will not be sorry.) Chase Nobel, our hero, is seeking the destiny promised to him by his Fae father, with the reward of finding his SoulMate, and Christiana  MacDowlt , our heroine, possesses the ability to see future events through visions,  is always trying to thwart her evil half-brother Torquil. 

Melissa Mayhue's character driven stories never fail to pull you into the action, and her writer's voice carries you along until the end. 
Lisa Deon

M-N's Amazing Book Reviews: Cephrael's Hand by Melissa McPhail

WIN $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
M-N's Amazing Book Reviews: Cephrael's Hand by Melissa McPhail:

Bookish Things & More: Blog Tour: Forbidden Life by Kimberly Kinrade *Rev...

Kimberly has done it yet again!  Forbidden Life is my favorite book in the trilogy.  My emotions were all over the place while reading.  I loved the looks into other characters' point of views.

The story line is fast paced and makes you keep reading.  I was putting off household duties to finish this book. ;)  I absolutely love the characters.  I feel like I know them on a personal level.  Except Hunter, I MUST know more about him and his hotness.  Just sayin'.  There's a lot to that boy.

Bookish Things & More: Blog Tour: Forbidden Life by Kimberly Kinrade 

Krystal's Enchanting Reads Blog: The Vampire Hunters by Scott M. Baker {Promo, Revi...

I found this book action packed, fasted paced and incredibly hard to put down. I was caught up in every page of the book wanting to know more about this mysterious and anonymous benefactor that keep Drake and Alison out of trouble but also Ion Zielenska and Antoinette Varela who are the master vampires and the ones whom are wreaking havoc all over the streets of Washington D.C. I also loved the details in which the author used when describing what someone looked like to how the vampire ripped someone’s throat out. It was as if I was watching everything happen or watching a movie play out. 

All I have to say is that this book was totally kick butt and I really can’t wait to read the second book and I highly recommend you read this one too, especially if you love a bloody good vampire book.

Krystal's Enchanting Reads Blog: The Vampire Hunters by Scott M. Baker 

The Vampire Hunters by Scott M. Baker – Review

Allison and Drake are former cops that are move to Washington DC to hunt and kill vampires. Through well developed backstory, you understand how they came to be vampire hunters. There is a small hint of Allison’s attraction to Drake that I hope is developed more in the later books. I’m a sucker for romance…even in a thriller.  Mr. Baker has created a world that is fascinating as its horrible. The vampires are truly evil and vile. There are no sparkly vammpires in Washington. Only the depraved vampires exist in this world. We are introduced to the two most evil vampires that I’ve ever seen. Former lovers/vampires, Ion and Toni are fighting for totaly rule in their nest. I almost felt something for them reading their backstory but reality pulled me back in and wouldn’t let me.
The plot and pacing are well developed and there is never a dull moment. The action scenes are brutal but necessary. Its a thriller dear readers, not a paranormal romantic suspense. Its good versus true evil and the battle that ensues. Graphic, with dead on dialogue, I finished this book in a day. I thought about it the next day and wrote the review. It left me thinking of what would happen if this world truly existed. I didn’t like what I thought but that was the point of reading. What if?
  Harlie's Books   Review  

My Cozie Corner: "The Vampire Hunters" by Scott M. Baker {Book Revi...

"The Vampire Hunters" is a true horror story packed with action, blood and gore within a very well written plot.  I found the book to be fast paced and very hard to put down once I started reading.  If your looking for the "romantic vampire" in this book you will not find it.  A very refreshing book to read and one that is highly recommended for all horror, thriller fans.

I give "The Vampire Hunters" a 5 star rating.

My Cozie Corner: "The Vampire Hunters" by Scott M. Baker 

Andi's Young Adult Books: 'Desert Rice' Book Tour - First Chapter, Giveaway ...

How do you handle Toxic Feedback?
Andi's Young Adult Books: 'Desert Rice' Book Tour