Monday, October 8, 2012

Forbidden Mind Blog Tour & Giveaway

This book had some major revelations that I really didn't see coming and threw me for a loop. The author did a good job with the world building in creating the school as a safe haven for the kids. It truly seemed like a really pretty place to live so I could see why the kids never really questioned anything. I love that the author constantly threw us into the action. There really weren't any dull moments in the book as it was so action packed. It kept me on my toes and guessing throughout and I couldn't believe when it ended. The author had a really good plot going with characters that readers couldn't help but fall in love with. I loved that Sam's fav movie was X-Men as these kids were truly X-men like but even more extraordinary  I am so happy that I am on the blog tours for both of the other books too as I can't wait to dive back into this world and see what is in store for Sam and Drake next. Overall this is a must read for lovers of books with great action and suspense. It will leave you wanting more.
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