Friday, October 12, 2012

Dead Faint by Lizzie T Leaf is reviewed at the Book Tart

Dead Faint by Lizzie T. Leaf
Dead Faint is a fast and furiously fun paranormal romance. The story made me grin and I adored the heroine Billie Joyce, a self confessed hillbilly, with a big heart and very colorful language.  Billie Joyce meets with trouble when she takes a shortcut down a dark alley in New York and asks the angel she sees as she’s dying to help her.  Dovey, her rescuer, saves her by changing her into a vampire and Billie Joyce’s reaction is classic.
“Ya’ll are loonier than a cow after she’s been in the thistle patch. There ain’t no such thing as vampires.” 
She’s plum full of creative phrases that always made me grin. Billie Joyce, or later, BJ, accepts that she’s a vampire now and wants to learn how to handle new life. (I know *snort* my mind immediately went to the gutter on that nickname too, and it’s briefly mentioned that BJ can apply to more than horny thoughts)
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