Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cassandra by Starlight Review and Giveaway

I really enjoyed reading Cassandra by Starlight.  Cassandra Wallace is just an average middle aged woman who while going to work one morning had a misfortune accident that changed her enter life. While going to work a man fell off a bridge and hit her windshield.  She was hurt and was hospitalized and the man who fell died.

This is were the story beings.  Eric Saville is the man who died.  His brother who is a famous actor Bennett Saville wants to met the woman who was hurt, and visits her a number of times while in the hospital.  Once she leaves the hospital Bennett would like to continue to see Cassandra. All odds are against them including Bennett's father and mother not wanting him dating Cassandra. 

I love how the story unfolds with the unlikely couple dates and fall in love. There are many twist and turns that keep you turning the pages.  I am sure you will love this story as much as I did.
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