Friday, September 7, 2012

The Holden Age of Hollywood Great guest Posts by Phil Brody

Who Writes a Novel in the Land of Screenplays?
by Phil Brody
I reside in Los Angeles, in Hollywood to be precise. It’s the land of screenplays. Yet, this story isn’t about a script.

T B R 

What I've Learned Along The Way…
Sal Burton
Screenwriter, 58,
Santa Monica, California
By David Allen Case

I write movies. Don’t act like I discovered a cure for cancer.
Sure I’ve fallen in love. The falling is great. But it scars.
Buy me a drink, I’ll tell you a story. Pay my tab and we might work together

Jenn's Review Blog 

I think Radiohead said it best: “I’m not here. This isn’t happening.”

To me, that line from my novel, The Holden Age of Hollywood, sums up what Los Angeles can feel like at times. While striving to be discovered, one can often feel lost, as if they’re nowhere to be found.......

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