Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TBR: "Savage" by Willow Rose Review and Huge Giveaway


This quote really rang true for me and has stuck with me:

“This is your soul we are talking about. Your soul wants this; it craves to become an artist. You can’t demy your soul for very long, my friend. That will only lead to misery and bitterness. Look at the world outside these windows. It is filled with people who never followed their dreams. People who gave up.  Mediocre people living small mediocre lives filled with bitterness and resentment because their heart wanted to do something completely different. You, my friend, you could be something truly great. You have an amazing gift. You need to listen to what is inside of you. What is your heart telling you? Only the heart knows your real purpose in this life.”

I have been thinking back on this book al day and it has been a long time since a book has stuck with me in such a way.  Thank you so much Willow for writing this book!  5 HUGE stars!

TBR: "Savage" by Willow Rose Review and Huge Giveaway

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