Saturday, July 28, 2012

There are still a few spots available.

"The night Budda Got Deep in It" by Ron D. Smith (YA, fiction) Please read the description.

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Fifteen-year-old Budda (Butter with a souther drawl) Jessico leads an unremarkable and anonymous life in suburban St. Louis. He's not unpopular, because someone would first have to notice him. Except for the tormenting by his older brother, however, Budda is content. He follows his father's rules and stays out of trouble. Then, at the urging of Blood Mama (his birth mother), a voice only Budda hears, he catches a bus to Kentucky to rescue his former foster sister, Addie.
Budda encounters her blood kin, led by the ominous Odyn Starkwether and his violent brother Dickie. A drug shipment controlled by the Starkwethers has disappeared and so has Addie. The brothers have a mess to clean up, and Budda is soon in the middle of it. At first, Budda goes along willingly, if it will help him find Addie. Before long, though, Budda realizes he is in way to deep and needs to get out while the getting is good. He learns through a difficult and dangerous weekend that his home life is much better than he ever knew and he wants his family back. It's sometimes better to stay put.

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