Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Midnight's Master Release Day Blog Hop and Give Away

Celebrating Donna Grant's release day for Midnight's Master..

This is an FYI POST.. with a list of the Warrior Fact questions.. just in case you are having a hard time finding a fact..

 This blog hop is a Warrior Fact Blog Hop!! And CONTEST.. The prize? An autographed copy of Darkest Highlander AND a brand spanking new copy of Midnight's Master either in Print or eBook Form PLUS a 10.00 Amazon GC.. How do you win this prize? Let me tell you..

You must..

  1. Follow the contest rules per blog.. on TBR we ask that you follow us, either on Facebook, Twitter, RSS, email, Linky or GFC.. and of course leave a comment..
  2. NEXT you must travel along the Blog Hop gathering Warrior Facts.. When you have gathered all of them
  3. Email your answers to Shauni_qotu@innovativeonlinebooktours.com don't leave them in the comments sections.. cuz you will be giving away
  4. chances to win..
  5. Whoever has the most correct answers will be eligible to win!
This contest will end in one week so you have until May 29th to win!!

  Just to help you out a little, here are a list of the Warrior Facts.. you need to find the answers
1. Kayla, Bibliophilia - Which Warrior has wings..
2. Lori, Romancing the The Darkside.. Who does Lucan share his god with...
3. Amy, Amy's Book World - What is the color of Hayden's god..
4. Melissa, Adventures of a Frugal Mom - Who is Laird of the MacLeods
5. Heather, Red Headed Bookworm - What is Galen's Power
6. Victoria, Always a Book lover - What is the name of the MacLeod's god
7. Suzie, Bunny's Review - What is the color of Ian's god
8. Cheryl, The Lucky Ladybug - How many female warriors are there
9. Vidya, Books are magic - what is the name of Logan's god
10. Jami and Kati, Romancing the Rackes for Love of Romance
11. Taryn, My Secret Romance - Which Warrior can alter reality
12. Dalene, A Date with a Book - Which Warrior's god favors the color copper - 13. Abbey Ann, Abbey Ann's Bookland - Which Warrior has power over snow/ice 14 Shauni, Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy - How Many Warriors are there in all
15 Shauni, Tea and Book - What is the name of Malcolm's god
16. Vickie, TBR - How far into the future was Logan brought
17 Trish, CS Maxwell, Where's my Muse - Broc is mated with Sonya, what is her power?
18 Laurie T, Reader Girls Ian lost his brother who shared a god.. what was the name of their god
19. Jenny, Eternally Books  Warrior Fact: Which Warrior can control the earth?:
20. The Readers Roundtable Which Warrior did Deidre want to mate with

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