Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Importance of Social Networking

So you have a blog... you write interesting reviews, you post witty an clever daily posts. You even get involved in blog hops and give aways and yet, it seems like your blog is just dead. Little traffic and no comments.. Sound familiar?

Have you used all the tools available to you? Yes you have a blog, do you have a Facebook page to go with your blog? Not your home wall, but an actual page. A Place where you can interact with people you may not choose to friend. I know I don't have a lot of "friends" on facebook. I am just not into that but I love when people come like my Facebook Page. It makes me think that there are those that are interested in what I have to say.. Those that want to keep track of my thoughts.. yeah.. and maybe they just like to "like" things.

Either way, when I make a post on my blog, I immediately copy the URL to that post, get my tiny URL and post it to my facebook page. Now I have double the exposure.. My blog traffic is going to grow.

Of course every post I make on my Facebook Page is attached to my twitter account! So if I make an announcement on Facebook, telling everyone about  my post it just flows seamlessly over to Twitter. When I am posting on Facebook and it's about someone, I make sure to add two things.

The person's Facebook Name..
The person's Twitter Name..

For instance, if it is about Sherrilyn Kenyon.. I write @Sherrilyn Kenyon until the facebook highlight grabs hold and I tag her name. Then right next to it I will put @kenyonsherrilyn.. because that is her twitter name and this post is going straight to Twitter. Completely maximizing my facebook post.

Now for my absolute favorite tool.. TRIBERR.. Triberr is a social network that requires you to have a Blog and a Twitter account. Once you join, you find tribes of like minded people to join. Let me explain as simply as possible.

Say you have 5 followers on twitter and you join a tribe with 4 other people who also have 5 followers. Then you write a blog and your blog appears in the Tribal Stream. Once everyone approves it suddenly instead of being tweeted to 5 people you are now tweeted to 25. You can join many different tribes and your stream grows accordingly. It's a great way to garner traffic.

Yes there are negatives to all of this but I seriously feel that the positives far outweigh the negatives and yes they most certainly do garner traffic. Join a few of these sites, then watch your stats.. You will be astounded at the increase in your visitors.

There are other network tools out there as well but I prefer Triberr because once you are set up, the actual work is minimal. A Couple of stops a day to approve all the posts in your stream and Triberr will stagger the tweets so you don't flood twitter.

These are my favorite networking tools, what are yours?



  1. Just joined Triberr. Hope all goes well. Thanks for the advice :)

    1. Dalene make sure you join our tribe