Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where can a blogger get free books and access to authors for interviews and guest blogs?

The easy way is to join an Online book tour company. As a host for a tour company you get to pick the authors and books that interest you. You are offered the tours that fit your genre and when a tour and date is available that fits your needs, you offer to host the book and author either through a book review, interview, or author guest blog.

You also get the extra bonus of all the extra promotion for your blog site by the tour company and the author who are promoting the tour stops. This will bring new members to your blog and increase your traffic numbers.

At Innovative Online Book Tours we also offer weekly tips for improving your blog and increasing reader participation. Promotion is what we do and we love to share our ideas with you.

Become a Tour Host with Innovative Online Book Tours. We are looking for all genres and love your ideas and input for featured authors and new ideas. Invite your blogger friends to join us as well.

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