Monday, March 19, 2012

What’s a Blog Tour?

A Blog tour is consistent online promotion of a book, utilizing blogs, placing ads on websites, holding online interviews.

This is one of the most effective ways to market your book. Statistics show that most readers need to hear about your book three different times before they think seriously about buying it. So how do you get the needed exposure for your book?

A blog tour is one of the most cost effective campaigns for authors and publishers.

A blog tour is a virtual book signing, a meet and greet with an established group of individuals within each bloggers site of followers as well as your readers and interested readers wanting more information. Rather than taking the time and cash to make a physical tour of bookstores, many writers now appear on blogs throughout the world.

Innovative Online Blog tours will design your personalized tour, contact the blog hosts, schedule the tour dates, organize the delivery of product to be reviewed, confirm the book was received by the blogger, send confirmations to each blog host, follow up on reviews posted to tour stops, and link each post to our company website and social media sites.

Innovative Online Blog tours will promote your blog tour through twitter, Facebook, our website, triberr, the Blog tour hosts online community, and you yourself, to your online community. When all of the promotion and exposure is combined you will be exposed to thousands of readers for pennies per opportunity. As readers visit the tour locations clickable “buy now” buttons of your book will be available at each host blog site for Amazon & Barnes and Noble. Also all bloggers posting a review will be strongly encouraged to post those reviews on the major book retailer sites as well.

So what is next?

Once you schedule your tour, I.O. Book Tours will begin organizing the tour (making Banners, Buttons, Etc. For your book tour)

The Tour opportunity will be announced to our host bloggers for scheduling dates and promotion options (book review, author interview, author guest post). You will be kept informed regarding when you are scheduled to do guest posts and interview questions will be sent from the blog host to I.O. Book tours and then forwarded to you.

So what is needed from you the author?

• Choose your package
• You Promote the tour dates and locations that we give you on your website, blog,twitter, facebook, etc.
• Attend your tour stops and interact as you choose.

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