Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Opportunities

Good Morning Team!

I have just a quick announcement post.
We have been approached by several authors to book tours and I would like to get a feel for who likes what type of reads. We have many more tours in the works but I will not reveal them until we have solid dates for you to consider.

Please take a look at:

Jennifer Lyon -FORBIDDEN MAGIC One Day Blitz on April 18th so keep that date open for posting.

Danielle Blanchard Benson - Better Off Dead: Book II (The Vamp Saga). Her Vamp saga Death Wish Book I is available on Amazon and is described as...... Welcome to Las Vegas in the year 2020.

The cold war between mortals and vampires has ended ... the vampires won and now they control the most powerful organizations in the world which include the Global Six, the pharmaceutical industry, the gaming industry and banking.

Manon Mourey is a half-breed (too bad she doesn't know it) and one of the most powerful vamps in the world, Mikkel Damgaard, has eyes only for her. She holds the key to a dream most vampires have had since they were turned... yet her secret to changing the undead into Day Walkers could spark a war on the International Vampire Council... and soon ensnare the whole entire world.

This book is not YA friendly, contains a lot of profanity, a bit of snark, and has a few choice scenes of sex and death. It is not for the faint of heart.

Please comment below as to your interest in these tours. We will be sending out emails to each of you as well for scheduling dates and post type.

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