Monday, March 19, 2012

A New Beginning

Are you an Indy writer, a newer author or and established author just looking for a new way to market your book? Maybe you are self published? Or you desire to participate more actively in promoting your work? Enjoy the excitement of readers experiencing your book for the first time while we do the promotion piece for you.

Why Innovative? We bring our deep enjoyment of books and a passion for the written word to promotion. We appreciate that this world is a melting pot of diverse people with a variety of interests in many genres and styles. We endeavor to accommodate both you and your readers in every way possible.

Innovative online blog tours offers you an easy friendly way to promote your book and meet your readers without traveling the country. Not only will we promote your book by getting reviews posted on assorted blogs but we also strongly encourage all of our blogging partners to post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and B&N. Another unique tool we offer is a click-able Link to purchase your book at many of the main retailers including Amazon, B&N, and any other you may be utilizing. We offer a variety of packages for you to choose from and are excited partner with you in promoting your book.

Our staff currently consists of:

Vickieann, who has her degree in Marketing and is already working to offer you the best options and the newest tools for online promotion possible.

Shauni, who has a lifelong love of history which allows her to absorb many facts and details. She also is an experienced owner and writer of six blogs, all of which will be available for blog tours.

We are currently in discussion with an editor. Yes that is right we will have an editor available for you to hire. How many of you have written an excellent book only to be stymied when it comes to editing? Or you have worked with editors who were below expectation? We hope to help you avoid that frustration by offering this service to you.

We are also in discussion with several illustrators.. wouldn't that be nice? One stop shopping. Finding someone to do your art work can leave you beyond frustrated. You are a writer and just want to write and instead you are left handling a myriad of details. We really want to alleviate that stress for you.

Make sure you check back in.. we will continue to expand our offerings and adjust to the changing needs of the publishing world.

The IO Book Tour Team

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