Saturday, March 24, 2012

Announcing a new weekly post, Tuesdays Tips

I know it's not Tuesday so whatever can I be thinking..

I just wanted to share this new feature of our blog. To IO Team, Vickieann and I have promised to have regular posts to offer suggestions to help make each of you a success. Our team runs the gamut from beginning reviewers and first Host Team to Experienced Blogs with plenty of Hosting already under the belt.

That being said EVERYONE can always learn something new. So starting Tuesday the 27th of March there will be a regular post of helpful tips. Just like we request for all your team posts.. it will be posted by 8:00 AM EST.. If you miss a post or want to revisit it, there will be a page designed for you to peruse each tip as you feel you need them.

I am hoping that team members will have insights and suggestions that they have discovered on their own and would consider doing guest posts. That way we can work together and grow.

For the forseable future, here is a list of some of our Tuesday Tip Topics

  • How to Schedule a post on Blogger and WordPress
  • How to write an exciting and interesting interview
  • How to promote a guest author
  • How to bring traffic to your blog
  • Social Media and their uses 
  • Twitter Parties (which is more of an extension of the above two suggestions)
  • How to write a successful review (yes I know you are all already review blog sites but as I said there is always something new to learn)
  • How initiate a Blog Hop
  • How to create a good repore with an author
  • And Many Others
If you have suggestions or would like to write a guest blog on this subject let me know.. I hope to get not only bloggers but maybe an author or two to participate. For now I just want to get you excited about what IO can offer you, the members of our IO Team


  1. Thank you Shauni well said. With that, we are always learning as well so if you bloggers have niffty tips and tricks a guest blog to teach us how you do your cool "THANG" is most welcome.